Sunrise Energy Metals has a dedicated community team with combined experience working on mining and infrastructure projects.

Sunrise Energy Metals knows that the communities we work with are deeply invested in the region in many ways. We are committed to engaging with those communities to understand their priorities, inform them about Sunrise Energy Metals and look for opportunities to create shared value.

The community team works closely with the Sunrise Project’s management and technical teams to avoid or manage community impacts during project delivery.

We have a Community engagement policy in place that defines the principles guiding our interactions with communities affected by Sunrise Energy Metals, its projects and operations.

The team also oversees community investment with a strong focus on education.

You can get in touch with the community team by emailing us at

Community Consultative Committee


The CCC provides a forum for discussion between Sunrise Energy Metals and representatives of the local community, stakeholder groups and the local councils on issues directly relating to the company’s activities.

Community Newsletters and Fact Sheets


We are committed to keeping local communities informed about the Sunrise Project – including through our regular community newsletter and series of fact sheets.

Registering a complaint


We are committed to understanding the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders.