Technology & Markets

Sunrise Energy Metals Limited is focused on applying its proprietary ion exchange processes to the recovery of strategic metals from ores and tailings where the conventional routes are economically marginal or pose an environmental burden that is not sustainable. Sunrise Energy Metals specifically targets metals that are highly geared to disruptive changes in technologies and markets, particularly in global energy and transport.

Clean iX® – Continuous Ion Exchange

Sunrise Energy Metals Clean-iX® continuous ion exchange process provides highly efficient extraction and purification for a range of valuable strategic metals from slurries and solutions.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Cobalt and nickel are critical raw materials in the production of cathodes for the lithium-ion battery (LiB) market.  These metals are used in the production of precursor materials, which are converted to cathode active material for use in the batteries.

The battery industry requires nickel and cobalt to be supplied in specific chemical form for production of precursor material.  In the case of both cobalt and nickel, this is generally in the form of hydrated metal sulphates (CoSO4.7H2O and NiSO4.6H2O).

Advanced Lightweight Alloys

While the solid oxide fuel cell industry has been the dominant consumer of scandium in recent years, scandium’s greatest value lies in the functional properties it imparts as an alloy in aluminium.  Aluminium-scandium (AlSc) alloys represent one of the largest untapped opportunities for delivering light-weighting solutions to the global transport sector.