Technology & Markets

For two decades we’ve been at the forefront of innovative hydrometallurgical processing.

We’ve developed a suite of proprietary ion exchange technologies to recover strategic metals at lower cost, higher quality and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Most importantly, our design decisions are based on a cradle-to-grave methodology, capturing synergies in downstream processing.

Clean iX® – Continuous Ion Exchange

Sunrise Energy Metals’ continuous ion exchange process provides highly efficient extraction and purification for a range of valuable strategic metals from slurries and solutions.

This is the future of metal production.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Nickel and cobalt are critical raw materials in the production of energy-dense lithium-ion battery cathodes.

The battery industry requires nickel and cobalt to be supplied in specific chemical form and at extremely high purity, which is extremely well suited to our ion exchange technology.


Scandium’s value lies in a range of critical industrial applications, from solid oxide fuel cells, to high-performance aluminum alloys and 5G/6G communications hardware.

Perhaps more than any other rare earth element, scandium has the potential to revolutionize the industrial processes that contribute to global warming.