Water Treatment Technologies

Sunrise Energy Metals is active in the industrial water purification market through its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water.

Clean TeQ Water’s innovative water treatment technologies are specifically developed to solve some of today’s most pressing water issues. These include increasing the rate of recycling from waste water treatment plants in dry areas, treatment of highly polluting brine streams, and reduction of nutrient loads in effluent to prevent algae blooms and subsequent ecological dead zones.

Our water treatment technologies focus on three core areas, continuous ion exchange, biological treatment and evaporation/crystallisation. Our technology portfolio allows us to deliver tailored solutions to customers in a wide range of applications.

Continuous Ionic Filtration

Low Energy Evaporation and Crystallisation

Complete Nutrient Removal

Chemical Free Ultra High Recovery RO

Membrane Free Desalination

Encapsulated Bacteria Lenses


Clean TeQ Water’s technologies offer:

  • Higher water recovery to make the most of Earth’s scarce water resources
  • Lower energy & chemical use and less waste for a sustainable solution with minimum impact on the environment
  • A Customised solution to ensure the client achieves their specific project goals with optimised capital and operational expenditure


For more information about our water technology, please visit the Clean TeQ Water Website